Can we have some more of your personality? Please.

June 28th, 2010 by JayOhBee Blogger
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By Chad Hughes

Getting to know the six amazing CCAD alumni that we interviewed and going to New York has been a lot of fun. But, behind the scenes here has been a fun and interesting process as well.

There has been a lot happening behind the scenes: from planning the travel logistics by printing out maps from one place to the next so we did not get lost in the city to the countless meetings to take the project in the direction it needs to go.

One of the best behind the scenes parts about this project has been getting to work with the creative force of Resource Interactive. The talented team that has guided us and pushed the project in the right direction has been a pleasure to work with.

Recently we had an opportunity to sit down with Kelly Mooney, president of RI, and members of her team to go over the interview with Edward Buchanan. The interview had a warm reception and they loved the direction the project was headed in. Some of the advice they gave Alex and I where things like:

  • Can insert some text info with a Pop-Up Video vibe? Or some thought bubbles?
  • Maybe even some more of Chad interjecting and getting really excited about who he is supposed to meet. Even showing some of his star fever.

Everyone in the meeting kept coming back to “we need more Chad time.” Yes, apparently people like my crazy silliness. They want more of my personality to come through and they even suggested we go all “Real World” and have a type of confession room where I tell how I was really feeling during the interview.

Other suggestions included:

  • Create some sort of tee up so the viewer knows a bit about the alumni history.
  • Take the graphic of the name of the project back to Journey to the “Jay-Oh-Bee” and not just “J-O-B.”

Now, we go from there and let Alex work his master editing skills and see what we can come up with. Learning from the RI team and seeing how they put a different spin on the perspective has been fun for me. One of my favorite parts of this project has been the backstage process. I guess I better get more used to being in front of the curtain. Confession room and many zany voice-overs’ here I come!

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2 Responses to “Can we have some more of your personality? Please.”

  1. Stephanie says:

    This project is so cool. I CAN’T WAIT to see the finished videos!

  2. Alison Pegg says:

    I can’t wait to see these videos. This project is awesome – how cool of CCAD to produce.