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June 11th, 2010 by JayOhBee Blogger
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By Chad Hughes

Now that the trip to NYC is over and our time there is a memory, I have been reflecting on how this whole journey started.

My involvement with this project happened right as I was getting ready to graduate, which made the last three months incredibly crazy. From figuring out subway routes to deciding which color shirt does not make me look like a giant pumpkin on screen, the process has been an interesting one. Never did I think that in my career I would be sent to New York to interview people—Matt Lauer style.

Last time I was in New York, I was a senior in high school, and I went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. While doing all the tourist things that you normally do in New York, I started to wish that I could have experienced the city on a more cultural level. That is exactly what I wanted this trip to be for Alex and I, an immersion into the NYC art and design community.

Beautiful Street we came across.

I also hoped to get some time to explore the city. As a photographer, I was excited to get some super-sweet shots and capture the texture and beauty of this awesome metropolis.

Having graduated from CCAD with a major in Advertising & Graphic Design and minors in Photography and Copywriting, this trip is what I have spent the last four years working toward. Check out some of my work at www.lifebulbdesign.com, and you will see the things that inspire me and the work that I have created.

The concept for the project began in early March with the idea of heading to different places throughout the world to find  CCAD alumni. We wanted to capture their journey, find out what makes them tick, how they picked the path they did, and how CCAD set them up for that success. These questions would drive the interviews and be the main focus of the videos we captured.

Working with Resource Interactive (RI)  the CCAD team hatched an idea and figured out a plan. We did some mock interviews and then started to prepare for our interview with 2010 CCAD Fashion Icon Award winner Edward Buchanan, creator of Sansovino 6. While he was in town accepting his award at the 2010 Senior Fashion Show, we got to spend

Times Square

some time with him and find out his journey to the Jay-Oh-Bee.

Edward’s interview went great, and we got some awesome footage. At our last meeting with RI, we reviewed the video that Alex had been spending lots of time editing. It was given a big round of applause and will be the first to be posted in the series.

After this, we began planning for NYC. From the money it takes to get there, to the flights and hotel room, there was a lot of planning that went into making the trip run smoothly. My giant, crazy binder of maps and travel logistics saved us from standing in the middle of Times Square looking like tourists and helped us arrive on time for all of our meetings. The only major problem we had was getting lost in China Town, which was an experience in itself.

When I first started to write these blogs, we were just getting ready to travel. Now, we’re back in Columbus, and the editing process has begun.

Reliving these interviews reminds me of not only the fun we had but also the lessons I learned. Meeting these alumni taught me that in order to get the Jay-Oh-Bee, you have to fail, fail again, but continuously believe that what you are doing has a purpose. This is what makes success.

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2 Responses to “Everything starts somewhere”

  1. Lacey Luce says:

    Awesome photos!

  2. Matt Dopkiss says:

    Really fantastic and entertaining post. I enjoy tagging along on your adventure.