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June 5th, 2010 by JayOhBee Blogger
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Chad Hughes

journey to the jay oh bee

The Jay-Oh-Bee project takes us to NYC.

Every journey has a story. One of the most interesting stories that many people have to share is how they ended up finding the right job. From the dream job they imagined has a child. To the path they take to find the right college. Then, the excitement of finding a first job after they have graduated and are entering into the real world.

This process is a journey, for Columbus College of Art & Design graduates this process is exciting. For us this journey is a story that we want to capture. We are working on a project entitled “Journey to the Jay-Oh-Bee” it will end up being a series of video alumni interviews that will be used to help show incoming students that there are some amazing jobs after art school has ended and you have walked or danced (as I did) across the graduation stage.

That is where “we” come in. My friend and fellow CCAD student Alex and I will be in the Big Apple for three days and two nights. What will we be doing? Watch out Matt & Meredith, we are the new news team in town.

First, we will travel to New York City where we will interview, film and experience selected CCAD alumni that have some pretty cool jobs. Then we will return to Columbus where we will edit these interviews into videos that we will share.

Boy, do we have some interesting journeys, to show you. The videos will eventually end up on YouTube and www.ccad.edu so be on the look out.

Having danced across the graduation stage about three weeks ago now, I am on this journey. The process of finding the right job can be exciting and fun, but with that also comes many funny, scary and happy moments and even some big moves to join the creative work force. Finding the right job that will feed your passion is not always easy and many people look for hints and tips to make this process a more smooth adventure. I will make sure I ask these successful CCAD alumni what advice they can give to current students and young professionals that are fresh out of college, like me.

Join us as we set forth on a journey of our own to the Jay-Oh-Bee. Follow our blog posts and tweets as we explore New York through the eyes of five successful artists and designers who have found a Jay-Oh-Bee that ignites their passion. Check our live twitter feed @ 2JayOhBee for our daily adventures into the heart of the Big Apple.

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