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July 23rd, 2010 by JayOhBee Blogger
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Mosaic tiles are used to create a number of different things in the NYC subway station. Mosaic is used because of the strong amount of wear it can stand up to.

By Chad Hughes

Well I’m back and my last trip was an adventure. Being in New York is so exciting. There is so much to do, find and see. One of my favorite parts of my last trip was visiting a current CCAD student who is working as an intern in Long Island doing some amazing things. More to come on that story, later!

As most of you know I am on my on adventure to find a JayOhBee. When I travel I start to realize all the possible things I would like to do. From set design for Broadway to making the billboards and signs in Times Square, NYC is full of opportunities. I just learned recently that CCAD Alumni, John Urbano, has one of these cool jobs. He makes and produces the films that can be seen above the flagship American Eagle Store in Times Square. How much fun would that job be?

Many other Alumni that we visited on the trip did some really cool things that interested me as well. Things like going to national photo conferences to building giant public pieces of art. The CCAD family is a talented group of individuals.

One of my favorite parts about NYC is the mass transit system, in particular the subway. Each station is different and art and mosaic tiles sprinkle each stop. It is fascinating to see all the different ways that you can make a subway station interesting. Ming Fay (one of the alumni we interviewed for the JayOhBee project) produced work for the MTA at the Delancey F Train Platform.

The large fish and orchard scene he created is unlike any other stop. With history in mind Fay brought this stop to life. Even small details in the way finding signage reflect the history of the island. On this last trip I was able to check out a couple more stops with mosaic work.

Some of the T-shirts that James has worked on.

Another great part about NYC is the shopping. I am a huge fan of graphic T-shirts and anytime I go to NYC I come home with a suitcase full of new ones. Our pal and CCAD alumus, James Alicea brings some of those designs to life for many companies. His sketch books were chock-full of new and exciting illustrations (which he is constantly adding too) that he hopes he can turn into new designs for shirts, hats and other types of apparel. He looks to find inspiration from the streets of NYC to drawings & graffiti that he finds in and around the city. Nothing is off limits for Alicea if it inspires him it could always be used as a possibility.

There are so many amazing opportunities that one can have after leaving CCAD it is just a matter of where your heart leads you and that you find something you enjoy doing.  Well, I better be going, off to a job interview today matter a fact. Wish me luck!

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