Incoming Freshman’s Custom Sneakers Get Nod in National Mag

August 20th, 2010 by Wordpress Administrator
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Charlie Malta's website

Incoming freshman Charlie Malta (AKA the Guice Mann) got a shout out in the NYLON Guys magazine September issue. The Guice Man creates what the magazine’s writer, Jay Buim, describes as the “best custom sneakers we’ve seen.” The much-loved sneaks start as generic white canvas shoes and are transformed with Malta’s custom artwork. According to the article, he’s created 600 pairs so far. NYLON Guys is  a supplement to NYLON magazine, which focuses on fashion and pop culture.

Check out more of Malta’s original designs at

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5 Responses to “Incoming Freshman’s Custom Sneakers Get Nod in National Mag”

  1. Thom Glick says:

    That is so awesome. Malta has some great skills and I love his stylization. Great stuff!

  2. Lacey Luce says:

    I NEED a pair of his sneakers!

  3. Marica says:

    Those sneakers are so cool. So many designs!

  4. Guice Mann says:

    Woah, I didnt see this till now, thanks mucho for throwin this on the site!

  5. John Jones says:

    I love those sneakers <3 <3 , very nice