Celebrity Teams with Chair to Illustrate School Journey

September 9th, 2010 by CCAD News
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C. F. Payne, chair, Illustration, teams with celebrated writer and performer Steve Martin to tell the adventurous, dangerous and hilarious story of one youngster’s journey to school. Late for School includes a bluegrass CD of Martin singing the book’s story and playing the banjo.

Excerpts from Publishers Weekly review of the book, which was released Sept. 8, state “in Payne’s hands, Martin’s goofy verse achieves its comic impact on a cinematic scale” and “kids will relish . . . especially the image of the boy elbowing his grandmother face down into her pie as he rockets out of the house.”

To see video of Martin performing the book’s story that includes footage of Payne’s illustrations go to Good Morning America’s website. For information about ordering the book go to www.amazon.com.

To see more of Payne’s work go to www.cfpayne.com.

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