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October 27th, 2010 by Student Blogger
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By Alexis Warnock

Below are some pictures that show some of what we are doing in Rome.

Alexis presenting about Caravaggio

Alexis presenting about Caravaggio

The photo to the right, Alexis presenting about Caravaggio, is a photo of myself in the San Luigi dei Francesi Church in Rome. I am presenting about The Calling of St. Matthew, The Martyrdom of St. Matthew, and The Inspiration of St. Matthew all painted by Caravaggio between 1599 and 1602. My goal in presenting to our group is to introduce Caravaggio not only an artist that I have incredible respect for but also teaching who he was as a person. I enjoyed telling the group stories about the artist during my presentation because I think learning about the mind of the artist and how he or she lived is very essential when analyzing artwork and the artist who created it. Looking at these incredible works of art in person is extremely overwhelming especially after studying them and their creator so deeply.

In the gallery below the first three photos Assisi View1, 2, and 3 are all of Assisi, a small medieval hill town. This town has been my favorite trip so far. I think I enjoyed it so much because it was so far from anything have ever seen before. This was also a place with a nice balance of art and nature. During our weekend stay in Assisi, I enjoyed not getting overwhelmed with the amount of artwork we were seeing. I found the whole experience very therapeutic and inspiring. After spending a day jam packed with seeing art and fantastic churches we hiked to the very top of the hill town and just sat in silence and soaked in the view and the atmosphere. It gave me time to think and process through all I had seen that day.

The photo of Our group experiencing the food culture is one of my favorites. We all agreed that going out to dinner in Florence would be an excellent time for our group to experience the Italian food culture. Up until this meal we had only bought pizza or cooked food on our own. Everyone insisted that we go to a restaurant and truly embrace this experience. This photo was taken by our waitress and includes everyone from our group along with the two chefs. The atmosphere of this restaurant was unlike any I have ever been in. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and was very interested in what we each thought of our meal. Italian’s only cook with the freshest of ingredients and it shows. I had the lasagna. I noticed they didn’t load the meal up with a ton of seasonings. The meal was so simple but so fresh and more flavorful than ever.

I thought it might be important to include a few photos of us as a group in front of some of the places we have visited. I have included a photo that I took of us Walking up to a church designed by Bramante in Todi and a photo of us Walking up to the Uffizi Museum in Florence. The Uffizi is easily the largest and most important museum I have ever been in! It was extremely impressive because of its size and the amount of extremely famous artwork that it held. I love the photo of us walking up to the church designed by Bramante because it shows the grand scale of the church. I also enjoyed that there wasn’t a crowd of people around this church like there usually is so I thought it was a rare chance that I could capture a photo that would just contain our group and this incredible monument without any other outside elements.

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  1. Rhetta says:

    Beautiful photos! Food and art in could it get any better?