Award-Winning Jewelry Artist Visits CCAD

October 15th, 2010 by CCAD News
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Steven Webster with CCAD jewelry making class

By Aadam Soorma

CCAD was pleased to welcome world-renowned jewelry artist Stephen Webster to campus on Monday for a special lecture and luncheon.

Arriving from London, in collaboration with The Diamond Cellar of Columbus, Webster had lunch and met with students to discuss his own personal journey from art school, to apprenticeship, and on to starting his own business as a recognized, influential jewelry artist. Today he operates a global chain of boutiques that craft a large selections of items for a wide range of clients.

In 2008, Webster partnered with Christina Aguilera to endorse a collection called “Shattered,” for which she serves as lead spokesperson in his advertising campaign. Today his accessories complement outfits worn by several, well-known celebrities, including Madonna, Katy Perry, Ashley Olson, and Rihanna. His current collection—the seven deadly sins—was put on display for students to experience first-hand.

Dion Utt, a junior majoring in fine arts with an emphasis on jewelry making, has been working with different metals and noted Webster’s use of gemstones and vibrant colors.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to travel as much as him,” Utt said. “But you can look at his work and draw the influence straight to other parts of the world. He is a perfectionist and seeing the jewelry in person is magical—so much better than on a computer screen. It’s something I hope to incorporate into my own art.”

Webster spoke one-on-one with students in the jewelry lab and gave pointers to the aspiring jewelers.

“These days, the students learn so much faster and I’m really impressed by what they are working on,” Webster said. “There is so much jewelry out there and as long as you can make a statement—give people a reason to want yours—then you don’t have to fully conform and create an identity.”

Stephen Webster’s collections can be found online at:

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One Response to “Award-Winning Jewelry Artist Visits CCAD”

  1. Sharon Itzhaki says:

    A great honor to have Stephen Webster at our campus.
    Thank you for sharing