CCAD Joins 2012 Bicycling Initiative

October 7th, 2010 by CCAD News
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CCAD has joined an initiative to increase the bicycle-to-work transportation ratio in Columbus by 2012, the city’s bicentennial year.

Dubbed 2 BY 2012, the movement’s goal is for each citizen of Central Ohio to bike to work two days per month by 2012.¬† Realizing the goal will help Columbus and Central Ohio to successfully increase green transportation by 300 percent to join Portland, OR as one of the top green transportation cities in the United States.

Organized by Consider Biking, 2 BY 2012 is providing businesses and organizations a comprehensive turnkey service to encourage bicycling to (and away from!) work. Consultation services include the nationally-recognized “Two-Wheel Toolkit” to provide the basic¬†case for supporting bicycling. CCAD will help educate staff, faculty, and students about the personal, environmental, and community health benefits of bicycling, as well as the cost savings and reduced dependence on foreign oil associated with the initiative.

The public launch of the campaign was September 30. To learn more go to

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One Response to “CCAD Joins 2012 Bicycling Initiative”

  1. Kim Landsbergen says:

    Well done CCAD! Bike on.