ID’s Cardboard Chairs Undergo Ultimate Test

October 28th, 2010 by CCAD News
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Participant in Industrial Design Studio II cardboard chair project

Can you design a cardboard chair strong enough to hold 250 pounds? Each year CCAD students in Industrial Design Studio II address this question with their cardboard chair project.

The challenge is to design a seating device that has good seat proportions, a back rest, arm rests, a writing surface, and is made of only one 4’ x 8’ sheet of cardboard. Oh, and there’s no tape or glue allowed!

This annual tradition is a four-week project that involves research, 1/4-scale models, cut path drawings, full size testing and an assembly instruction manual. The project culminates in testing and evaluation by the entire class, one by one, lightest to heaviest.

This year’s final test took place on Oct. 27 in Design Studios on Broad. Weight started at 110 pounds and moved up past 200 pounds with several chairs surviving through 250 pounds of weight.

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One Response to “ID’s Cardboard Chairs Undergo Ultimate Test”

  1. Wow! That must be really hard but very much interesting. And no glue and tape allowed? That must be really difficult. But what an experience they have had back there. Great job you guys!