Students Yawps Elicit Praise, Appreciation

October 21st, 2010 by CCAD News
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A recent challenge on Facebook from the poet Emma Bolden for people to “yawp” became a CCAD class assignment that produced enthusiastic participation and praise.

When Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, assistant professor, Liberal Arts and Graduate Studies, learned of the challenge she assigned students in Contemporary Literature, Writing Poetry, and Writing Fiction classes to send in a manifesto that addressed a social issue or concern or to find ways to broadly share literature.

Bolden was “absolutely ecstatic” to receive “a slew of Yawp offerings from some bright and brilliant students at CCAD.” She wrote, “I’ve been absolutely blown away with their work, which is sophisticated and shows a sense of honesty and dedication to art and truth-speaking and sooth-saying.”

The first CCAD response that Bolden received was from Katherine Adkins. The Fine Arts senior’s work is posted online at The Yawp, a public poetry project. To read it and to understand more about “yawp” go to

Bolden also was impressed and appreciative that Kartsonis decided to incorporate the assignment into her teaching. A thank-you note she sent to the professor said, “I’ve been so very impressed with your students’ work — they’re a wonderful group, and they’re lucky to have you as a teacher. I wish I could take your class!”

Go to CCAD faculty bios to learn more about Kartsonis.

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