Italy Now Feels Like Home

November 15th, 2010 by Student Blogger
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By Megan James

First Day of School at Lorenzo De' Medici

We have been really busy here. There is never a dull moment! So far, Rome feels like home. We have all become really comfortable when it comes to transportation and adjusting to the culture. We are even to the point where we are mistaken for being Italian by the locals. It is exciting at the bus stop to be approached and asked a question in Italian and thinking ‘Wow, I must really look like I fit in here’.

Italy is a remarkable country and the perfect place for art students. Everywhere we turn there is another church or museum covered in art. We walk and commute on buses, trams, and trains everyday to see these great things. I can’t help but think that Rome is boot camp for artists.

The first picture I have is one of my favorites. It was our first day of school at Lorenzo De’ Medici. It was taken eight weeks ago, but it seems much longer. At the same time this whole experience has flown by and we are winding down to the end. It is definitely bitter sweet.

Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain

For my art history reports my topic is Baroque Architecture and Sculpture. My main focus is over the works of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini. In this picture I am in Piazza Navona giving a presentation on the Four Rivers Fountain by Bernini. This is my favorite fountain in Rome! (I have also included a picture of the fountain itself)

So far we have gone to many sites and museums in Rome, but we have also traveled to Florence, Siena, and Assisi. Florence was spectacular. While we were there we visited the Uffizi Gallery which had some of the most famous works of art ever known. It was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Siena was a wonderful and quiet medieval village. My favorite thing there was the stripped cathedral.


So far, my favorite place is the small medieval hill town of Assisi. It felt completely different than the other three places because it was much quieter and smaller. It had the perfect balance of city and nature. Overall, it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!

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