Nation’s longest-running film festival held at CCAD

November 18th, 2010 by Amanda Fondriest
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The nation's longest-running film festival is held Nov. 18-Nov. 21 at CCAD.

Columbus International Film and Video Festival, the nation’s longest-running film festival, kicks off its 2010 festival November 18 in the Canzani Center auditorium at CCAD.

Running through November 21, the festival features award winning student films from around the world, Academy Award nominated film Which Way Home, and Saturday morning cartoons from around the world. Students in CCAD’s Saturday Morning Art Classes will be attending the Saturday Morning Cartoons event for free.

The festival’s stay at CCAD wraps-up Saturday, November 20 with Movies + Mead Animation 4 Adults, an evening of animation, experimental films, and an awards ceremony for more than 20 visiting filmmakers from around the world.

Founded in 1950, the Film Council of Greater Columbus hosts the film festival each year in downtown Columbus. For a complete listing of films, show times, and prices, visit

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