Senior Class Prepares for Post-Graduation Reflection

February 26th, 2011 by Amanda Fondriest
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2011 Class President David Merz interviews classmates for commemorative DVD.

The Class of 2011 is making plans to refresh their memories years down the road via a DVD compilation of their favorite CCAD memories.

Today, senior students met in the Loann Crane Center for Design to be interviewed by class president and Advertising & Graphic Design major David Merz. In a Facebook message to classmates, Merz asked them to reflect upon even the smallest details about their time at CCAD.

“Think of your time in the dorms. You’re time in figure drawing class when you saw your first nude model and you weren’t sure what to draw first without raising questions. Think of the times when you were standing in Design Hall, wondering why such an ugly building existed, but then they knocked it down after our freshmen year, and you thought maybe you’d miss it. Think of those times when you and your friends went down to the old cafeteria and couldn’t find a place to sit, and you always had to listen to the crappy radio rock that the cashier wanted to listen to. “

Merz continued, “Think of [this], then come talk about it with me, and let me record it. I’m not doing this for me; I’m doing this for us, and for the future us who will shed a tear when we pop this DVD into an old Macbook someday.”

For more on what else the senior class is doing in its final days, read Merz’s blog, The Final Semester.

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