CCAD’s Spring Art Sale: Success in Numbers

March 21st, 2011 by Amanda Fondriest
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The CCAD Spring Art Sale is Saturday, April 16 in the Loann Crane Center for Design.

Twice a year, the CCAD art sales are, in a word, successful: in three words, really, really successful. The 2010 Spring Art Sale brought 1,125 guests through the doors, raised more than $8,600 for scholarships, and meant more than $40,000 in earnings to our 100+ student and alumni vendors. Those are some big numbers.

So why do Columbus’s most enthusiastic art patrons come to these events year after year? Maybe it’s because the work of more than 100  artists, working in a wide range of media, is for sale in one place. Or maybe people come out by the hundreds to support the future education of CCAD students—and the success of those who have already graduated. We like to think it’s a little bit of both. We also believe it’s because the work created by our students, alumni, and faculty/staff is just that good.

Selling at the April 16 Art Sale is a huge cast of characters whose work goes well beyond the CCAD campus. We’ve got Fine Arts Senior Jerrica A. Fields (CCAD 2011) selling her jewelry designs at the Art Sale and at the Diamond Cellar’s 2011 Designer’s Gala. Works by Fine Arts professor Ernie Viveiros are available here as well as in New York, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Massachusetts to name a few. And Fine Arts alumna Chelstin Ross (CCAD 2009) will take a break from selling work at Columbus’s Gallery 831 and Voda Emporium to sell her abstract watercolor landscapes to art sale guests.

Admission is $5 for general admission (10:30 a.m.) or $50 for first choice (get in early at 9 a.m.). Admission is taken at the door.

For more information, visit the Art Sale event page.

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