CCAD Opens Registration for Summer Programs for Children & Adults

March 4th, 2011 by Wordpress Administrator
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CCAD Opens Summer Art Class Registration

CCAD’s Continuing Education (CE) Office has started registering for summer programs, and spaces are filling up.

“Summer is a great time at CCAD,” said Cat Sheridan, director of Continuing Education. “We have weeklong workshops for kids, studio classes that are really useful for art educators, and our usual array of design classes and workshops that have become very popular with professionals looking to brush up on their skills. In addition to all this, summer is when we run our College PreView program, which let’s rising high school juniors and seniors come and live on campus for three weeks and take classes—it’s like a test drive for art college.”

Search to find classes & workshops for the community--adults & children

In addition to opening up summer registration, the college launched a CE class and workshop finder. This new system allows people to search based on whether they are looking for adult or children’s classes and to refine that search by grade and/or area of interest, the system will then pull classes or workshops available through Continuing Education that match their criteria. While currently the system is only showing summer options, soon the other semesters will be added.

“The old set up was clunky,” explained Sheridan. “We could only post one term at a time and we had to organize courses by program. Now we can send our customers to one place and they can search based on who they are and what they are looking for. Eventually, when a parent looks for classes for a third grader they will get a listing of options that include classes in our Saturday Morning Art Classes program and our Creative Summer Workshops program—we will soon be able to show a year’s worth of options in one search.”

Anyone interested in taking an art or design class, workshop or symposium (or signing their child up for a Creative Summer Workshop) can go to to search, register and pay online.

Parents and high schools students interested in checking out CCAD’s College PreView program should visit the website for details.

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11 Responses to “CCAD Opens Registration for Summer Programs for Children & Adults”

  1. Ann Timm says:

    Interested in summer program for my 10 yr old daughter.

  2. Grace Adams McClure says:

    I’m 68 years old and have retired from an accounting position and want to pursue a interior design program. Are there classes available for someone like me.


  3. Diane Schlegel says:

    Hi! My 10 year old takes art during the year. I’m looking for an art class for her during the week of July 11th. Do you have anything available?


  4. Lacey Luce says:

    To find summer programs for kids check out You’ll want to search based on the grade your student will be in, in fall 2011.

    Grace, you might want to consider taking one of our undergraduate courses as a nondegree seeking student. You can get info on how to do that by calling the CE office at 614.222.3248.

  5. Kathryn Kiefer says:

    my daughter is interested in taking a drawing class this summer or in the fall…she is an athlete so she has way too much time spent in conditioning and as her let down time she enjoys to draw…and I think as an artist myself is very good with her own take on things. Just trying to find something that would fit for her

  6. Lacey Luce says:

    Registration is open for fall classes. Go to to search class options and register.

  7. Anne LaHue says:

    Hello, I am very interested in enrolling for a summer class on figure drawing, but I’d have to miss the first week/meeting due to a mission trip I’m going on. Would I still be able to take the class?

  8. Hi Anne,

    You are going to want to contact our Continuing & Professional Studies department to ask them any specific questions about possibly missing class time, you can do so here:

    Thank you, hope it works out!

  9. jessica Irving says:

    I have a student in my school who I feel would highly benefit from a program such as CCAD. Are there scholarships or any grants for those students who can not afford to pay.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Information about CCAD scholarships can be found on our website:

  11. H.Young says:

    The scholarships are a great way to go.