Makayla Cook in Line with Muse Donna Karan

March 28th, 2011 by Wordpress Administrator
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Makayla Cook

Rather than build her collection based on inspiration from her muse, Makayla Cook chose her muse based on inspiration from her collection. Makayla started her collection with an idea for a dress, or more precisely a silhouette that she had had in her mind’s-eye (and in her sketchbook) for a while.

As she began sketching out her ideas, then exploring fabric options, she was able to relate to a designer, and began building from there.

Makayla is bringing a men’s look and a women’s look to the runway. And while the clean lines, wearablity, palette, and use of knits can easily be associated with Karan, they are also very much Makayla.

“I am inspired by clothing that is beautiful, but comfortable,” shared Makayla. “My collection is knitwear inspired by elegance and comfort.”

One of Makayla's looks being photographed.

Makayla also likes layering clothes, and appreciates the final look that can come with layering items that do not have an obvious connection.

“I love layers and things that you don’t think go together but then you put them together and they work.”

While working on the original dress that inspired her collection; she noticed, on the dress form next to her, a men’s jacket she had made earlier. Inspired, she pulled the jacket off the form and placed it over her dress. The end result is a long sleek knitwear dress topped by a men’s inspired, belted jacket. It is unique and urban.

“It’s an indie way of dressing up,” explains Makayla.

Another design element Makayla likes to play with is the use of line to accentuate the body. She adds extra seams to create a line effect that adds another texture of design. The use of lines ties back to Makayla’s approach to drawing and fine art. She has always seen and drawn in lines rather than the light and dark shadowing that other artists employ. Coming to CCAD meant she had to learn to see the shading and colors that were necessary in her painting and color concept classes. But she still loves clean lines and brings them back in her fashion work.

Screenshot of DK website showing sp 2011 "Casual Luxe" collection.

While making her collection, Makayla did not follow the design process in the same step by step manner as some of her peers, but her path to CCAD was a little more straight forward. A Columbus native, Makayla went to the Northeast Career Center during high school with a focus on fashion—but they focused more on the business side then the design side. She was encouraged by CCAD faculty member Ron Anderson to take some classes in the college’s Saturday Morning Art Classes and to consider getting her BFA from CCAD.

Four years later, she is ready to graduate. But first she will see her collection walk down the runway on May 13.

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The CCAD Fashion Show is an annual fundraising event that showcases the talent of graduating Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design Seniors. This popular event sells out every year and this blog is a portal through which to view the behind-the-scenes goings on.

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3 Responses to “Makayla Cook in Line with Muse Donna Karan”

  1. granpa cook & grandma kay kay says:

    We have always said “YOU GO GIRL” We can’t wait to see you and your fashions in the CCAD
    FASHION SHOW. We already have our tickets. We
    always knew you had it in you, you are unique
    and different and that’s just two of things we
    LOVE about you!!!!! We just can’t help but say it one more time “YOU GO GIRL” and keep on going!!! There’s no doubt in our minds you’ll
    be up there with DONNA one day. You make us proud!!!!!

  2. Rena Broadnax says:

    I am so proud of you Makayla and I can not wait to see your finished designs! I know that they will be as beautiful as the one who designed them. It’s hard to believe that your days at ccad are coming to an end! I know that you have enjoyed every minute of it but its time to begin the next chapter! I wish you the best of luck as you step out into the world with your passion for design and your amazing skills. Keep your sketchbook open and the designs and ideas flowing. The design arena needs you and your flair! Best wishes to you as your prepare your fashions for the Fashion Show runway and many happy blessings as you embark on your future! I know you will make your mark!
    Rena Broadnax

  3. Keith Broadnax says:

    Congratulations Makayla. Very impressive. We are all proud of you and the hard work and dedication you have put towards achieving your dream.