Measure of College PreView Success Lies in the Emoticons

March 12th, 2011 by Amanda Fondriest
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College PreView students paint in the CCAD studios.

With a decade of a success, CCAD’s College PreView program offers high school students an exhilarating college experience in art and design. For three intensive weeks, students live in residence halls, take classes, work in the studios and labs, meet professional artists, exhibit work, and explore Columbus—phew, we said it was intense (but it’s also a lot of fun).

At the end of College PreView 2010, the program’s Facebook group saw posts from enthusiastic participants, including…

“Preview helped me so much in finding artistic direction, most of my portfolio is based off of concepts I developed there. Plus I made the best friends everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”—Danielle Steele

“College Pre-view changed my life. It made me 100% sure on what college i was going to attened. I will be attending CCAD in the fall :) ”—Sarah Elizabeth Wong

“♥ … I MISS YOU!”—Patrick Thomas

“Now that I am back in school, I miss CCAD that much more :( ”—Tyler Newbauer

“Yeah, PreView was basically one of the best experiences of my life. I really miss it :( ”—Michelle Vieira

Another measure of the program’s success? 81 of CCAD’s current undergraduate students are College PreView alumni—that’s a whole lot of CCAD love.

Find out what College PreView will mean to you during the 2011 program. For more information and to register for the program, check out the website. And to read more from former College PreView attendents, visit the program’s Facebook group.

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