Creative Summer Workshops: More Than Just Art Class

April 7th, 2011 by Amanda Fondriest
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CCAD offers lot's of options through creative summer workshops.

Every summer, area elementary, middle, and high school students take a break from their summer break to go back to school—at least for a week or two.  They paint, sculpt, draw, design clothing, and build their way through CCAD’s Creative Summer Workshops (CSW), and as one mother explains, learn a great deal about themselves.

“Why did I sign Sarah up for CSW classes? I forget where I saw it, but somewhere I read, ‘when you sit down, are you drawing,’ and when I answered that question for my daughter it was ‘yes,’” Ann Hall said. “In this life you have to decide if something is your vocation or your avocation, your career or your hobby, and these programs help students to decide. Not to mention, they help them to decide in a way that’s accessible and affordable for parents.”

Cat Sheridan, director of Continuing Education, agrees. “Not only do the students get the bragging rights of saying they went to college for a week or two, but they get to work with fantastic artists and CCAD students in the classroom, which is a perk no arts-minded youth can deny.”

“Sarah came out a better artist, and when she returned to school, her teachers could see it,” said Anne. “And she has remained in contact with the kids she met in class. They talk about their futures, colleges, who’s applying where.”

As for Sarah, it’s CCAD—or two or three other colleges. She’s still deciding where, but as for the what, she knows it is definitely a career in the arts.

Creative Summer Workshops are held in June, July, and August on CCAD’s campus and offer students in grades 1–12 the opportunity to study art during their summer break from school. Course offerings include but are not limited to Digital Art, Fashion Design, Animation, Claymation, and Web Design. Broader art courses are available for students in grades 1–4.

Search for Continuing Education classes and workshops here.

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3 Responses to “Creative Summer Workshops: More Than Just Art Class”

  1. Bill says:

    Those classes are a great way for students to find out what they enjoy doing and possibly turn it into a major, especially for high school students.

  2. Ann Russell says:

    I am interested in your summer creative workshops for my first and second grade grandchildren. I cannot find any listing of info about these programs on your website. Could you email info or point me to where this is on your CCAD website?m
    Thanks very much,
    Ann Russell

  3. Lacey Luce says:

    HI Ann, thanks for asking! You can find a full list of creative summer workshops here You can also email or call 614.222.3248 with any additional questions.