Students for Students: Fundraising Grows with Direct Student Involvement

April 21st, 2011 by IMAGE Magazine
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Jeff Stahler (CCAD 1977)

Ninety percent of CCAD students receive some share of the more than $10,000,000 in scholarships and financial aid that CCAD awards each year. This year for the first time, students who have benefited from donor generosity in years past were invited to take a firsthand role in providing that same support for future students. And they’re succeeding in a big way.

In the first-ever CCAD phonathon, four student callers telephoned more than two hundred alumni who graduated within the last decade, asking for their financial support. They weren’t asking for much—just whatever the recent grads could afford. And whenever a donation was made, the student called that alum back a few days later to express their gratitude (during the even more popular inaugural “thankathon”). We have to say that these students were true rock stars of fundraising, reaching their goal in a matter of days.

Now the Senior Class is getting in on the action, raising money for their Senior Class Gift—a donation to the CCAD Scholarship Fund—by hosting concerts and parties during their last semester on campus. They’re spending as much time together as they can before graduation, while providing some financial assistance to the next batch of students at the same time.

Caption for Jeff Stahler cartoon (right): Board member and alumnus Jeff Stahler (CCAD 1977) came to campus with some other CCAD friends to join the phonathon team for one night, making calls for support on the college’s behalf—and was gracious enough to follow it up with an original cartoon just for Image. A syndicated cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch, his work appears regularly in USA Today, Newsweek, and the New York Times, and, now, for the first time, in Image.

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One Response to “Students for Students: Fundraising Grows with Direct Student Involvement”

  1. Clay Boggess says:

    And hopefully their success will lead to even more student involvement in future endeavors. The follow-up calls were a nice professional touch as well!