CCAD Recognizes Work of Student Government, Honors Others at Banquet

May 10th, 2011 by Amanda Fondriest
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CCAD Student Government President David Merz III was honored at the annual Leadership Recognition Banquet.

In a reception hosted by CCAD’s Student Affairs office, 10 awards were presented to students, a staff member, and a student organization during the college’s second-annual Leadership Recognition Banquet.

More than 100 members of the CCAD community attended the reception Friday, May 6, at the Columbus Renaissance Hotel to honor members and advisers of sponsored student groups and leaders of registered student organizations.

“This year we are introducing a new award specifically for a member of our student government called the Service to Students Award,” said Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Dwayne Todd. “As organizers of the Student Government awards, there is little opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication the president of student government has shown to the CCAD community, and this of all years is the time to begin this honor.”

Student Government president David Merz III received the award.

“We have seen more growth and development in the past year than in all the years we have had student government at CCAD combined,” said Director of Student Activities & Orientation Jason Bowser. “We have not seen as great a positive change in the organization and its presence on campus since the group was started and that is due in no small part to the leadership and vision of David.”

The entire list of 2011 honorees is as follows:

  • Service to Students: David E Merz III (CCAD 2011)
  • Megan Clare Mathie Student Leader of the Year Award: Kenneth Aschliman (CCAD 2011)
  • Commitment to Diversity: Amanda Knittle (CCAD 2011)
  • Commitment to Service: Danielle Williams (CCAD 2014)
  • Commitment to Involvement: Lacie Daley (CCAD 2013)
  • Commitment to Involvement: Walker Crane (CCAD 2013)
  • Student Organization: Student Programming Board
  • Student Event: Quidditch Cup
  • Most Involved Faculty/Staff (outside the classroom): Erica Ott, assistant director of student activities & orientation
  • Design Square Resident Advisor: Amanda Knittle (CCAD 2011)
  • Schottenstein Resident Advisor: Blake Roberts (CCAD 2013)


“The Megan Clare Mathie Outstanding Student Leader Award goes to a student who has also made a considerable impact on campus through leadership in student organizations and involvement,” said Bowser.” This award’s namesake made an incredible impression on campus through her involvement during her four years. This year’s winner is Kenneth Aschliman for his work with Student Government and the Spotlight Student Exhibitions Group.”

The Commitment to Service Award is presented to a student who demonstrates an exceptional commitment to community service by volunteering time, energy, or resources towards the aim of helping improve the lives of others within and beyond the CCAD community.  The award also recognizes those who make extraordinary efforts to promote an environment of civic responsibility among other CCAD students.

The Commitment to Diversity Award is presented annually to a student who demonstrates an exceptional commitment towards creating a campus environment that is welcoming and inclusive to students from varied cultural backgrounds and personal identities.  The award is given to recognize a student who shows a deep commitment to the values of equity and inclusion, while also helping raise awareness and understanding of multicultural issues within the CCAD community.

The Commitment to Involvement Award is presented annually to a student who demonstrates an exceptional commitment to enhancing campus life and creating opportunities for other students to develop memorable experiences and connections at CCAD.  This award recognizes a student who has helped to advance the goals of the CCAD Student Affairs Division through active involvement in multiple student organizations and campus leadership roles.

“This banquet is our way of saying thank you for contributing so much to the CCAD community and for being such an integral part of making the CCAD experience better for everyone,” said Bowser.

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