Dance, Dance, Dance

May 13th, 2011 by Wordpress Administrator
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Sometimes I just love my job. Now that we all have a natural fashion high, it’s time to work off that energy on the dance floor—thanks to alive!, our après-runway dance party sponsor.

AndrewAndrew and their magical iPads are BRINGING IT. Add in VJ Rainer’s amazing barrage of images projected on the garage walls, and the high-octane crowd already packing the dance floor—and well, if you’re here, you know, if you’re not … well …  there’s always next year.

If you haven’t already, check out my earlier posts from this evening for lots o pics (they are also on our Facebook page if you want to tag yourself). We’ll have more photos up (including from the dance party) next week (hey a girl can only do so much).

One quick note: as all guests leave tonight they will be taking home a gorgeous catalog sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch and produced with Ologie. Our Designer Ticket guests will also receive a bottle of Icon, a delicious signature scent inspired by our event and created by Mr. Tim Maurer of Mukha Custom cosmetics.

Time to dance

I need to go now. There’s still a little time left for me to get my dance on. All work and no play … well you know the rest.

(Photos are also available on our Facebook page.)






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The CCAD Fashion Show is an annual fundraising event that showcases the talent of graduating Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design Seniors. This popular event sells out every year and this blog is a portal through which to view the behind-the-scenes goings on.

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