Instructor Creatively Hides Public Art

May 26th, 2011 by CCAD News
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Fissures and Fractures by Andrea Myers

Designing and installing a hidden outdoor public art piece calls for some creative problem solving.

Andrea Myers, an instructor in Foundation Studies, was up for the challenge of hiding —and weatherproofing — Fissures and Fractures, her first outdoor artwork. It is part of a project that takes visitors on tours of central Ohio parks through geochaching or letterboxing.

The Dublin Art Council’s project, Ripple Effect: Artistic Impact of the Scioto River, was started in 2007. Myers is one of three artists to recently install hidden artwork that has to do with tributaries to the river in central Ohio parks. Like the other nine works in the project, hers is designed to engage participants to use maps or GPS coordinates along with clues to find riverboxes placed in Dublin’s parks.

“I had to use creative problem solving, how to make something weatherproof,” she said. The public-art aspect also added challenges to the creative process because Myers pieces usually are made to be in a gallery and not touched. People who locate the riverboxes need access to the stamp and journal used in the geocaching search.

After visiting Homestead Park at the start of her involvement, Myers was inspired to do a rock formation that might be found around the park’s pond. She researched different Ohio rock formations, which led her to an abundance of Ohio’s slate. Similarly to layers that often are utilized in Myers’ work, slate rock also has layers.

Additional coverage of Myers involvement with the project and the recent installation is at and

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One Response to “Instructor Creatively Hides Public Art”

  1. Tributaries, which includes Andrea Myers’ piece, is a part of a collaboration between the Dublin Arts Council and Washington Township which owns and operates Homestead Park where Fissures & Fractures was placed. The park is located at 4675 Cosgray Rd, just south of Dublin.