Meet Carolyn Martin Outstanding Fashion Design Senior

May 13th, 2011 by Amanda Fondriest
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Senior Carolyn Martin was named the Outstanding Senior for the Fashion Show department.

At the end of the academic year, a graduating senior from each major is named the Outstanding Senior for that department. Today to conclude our 10-part series, we interviewed senior Carolyn Martin (CCAD 2011), who was named Outstanding Senior for the Fashion Design department.

Q.) What scared you most while you were at CCAD?
A.) What scared me most while in design school at CCAD was always “What if I work this hard for four long years and don’t get a job after graduation.” Fears conquered. I have been hired by Dress Barn as a design assistant/CAD artist.

Q.) How did you land your first “real” job?
A.) I landed my first “real” job through the power of internships.  Each of my internships was for the same company so I built strong relations with the designers I worked with and developed a kind of seniority over other interns. Once a position became available, my background with the company put me closer to the top of the list.

Q.) What’s it feel like to graduate knowing you have work lined up?
A.) I didn’t even realize how much I was stressing about finding a job after graduation until I got an offer.  It was such a tremendous sense of relief and accomplishment. I finally felt like all my hard work had paid off.

Q.) Why is it important as an alumnus to continue giving back to your alma mater?
A.) Sharing achievements is a great way to inspire current students and show them all the possibilities that are available after graduation.  There is no straight path or one specific career direction for any major, and the more students are informed of all the possibilities the more confident they will be to build a career path that best fits them.

Q.) What will you miss most?
A.) As happy as I am to be finished with school, I know that what I will miss is the challenge of always being busy.  Being a student at CCAD has constantly challenged me to find the perfect harmony between school, work, and friends and family.  No matter how happy you may be with your work, it’s family and friends—your biggest supporters—who bring true happiness.

Q.) I hope future CCAD students…
A.) Continue making a bigger and better fashion show every year!

Carolyne is one of the 25 Fashion Design seniors who will be showcasing her collection at  the May 13 Senior Fashion Show event on campus. You can read more about what inspired her designs (and her journey to CCAD) on our post, Carolyn Martin’s Road to the Runway Takes Her from Pre-Vet to War Vet, To Chanel.

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2 Responses to “Meet Carolyn Martin Outstanding Fashion Design Senior”

  1. Kylie Kae says:

    Carolyn Martin is one of my battle buddies from Iraq! I am so proud of her to see this article about her being an outstanding student, is not a shock. I have been to her apartment where it seems at times a fabric store as thrown up in her living room! Carolyn I love you, and I know you will be feature one day in the New York Fashion Show! Muah!!!

  2. Jeremy Dunn says:

    SGT Martin, I am so very proud of you and proud to say that I served with you. Way to go!