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May 13th, 2011 by Wordpress Administrator
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What a great party!

7 p.m.

I’m stashed away in my corner, the perfect spot for watching the VIPs as they arrive for the pre-show party sponsored by Justice and Nationwide.

I cannot believe the transformation this space has undergone—from raw garage to hip club, all in a few days. (Check out the pre-show album on our Facebook page to see the  week-long progression.)

Ok, so, I confess I am fighting the urge to run up to people and ask “who” they are wearing, and I am having some serious fashion envy. The DJs later this evening (our new friends from NYC) are Miami-chic in matching (of course) pink suites. Later they will have the perfect accessories—ipads, which they will be mixing with during the apres-runway dance party.

The VIP Pre-Show party

I’m seeing every trend imaginable. Cocktail dresses, floor length, pants with sharp fitted jackets, halters, strapless, bow ties, and full-on suites. Lots of sparkle, red, and layered short cocktail dresses. Shoes are ranging from strappy flats to four-inch stilettos. Seeing awesome jewelry, modern silver pieces and more traditional pearls. I love it.

Third looks by the designers are on mannequins throughout the party space. It’s fun to watch people stroll through and pause, taking in each one and discussing it like they were at the Louvre.

8:00 ish—Ms. Andrea Cambern up on stage trying to get this rowdy crowd’s attention with a little O-H-I-O. She’s thanking our title sponsor Limited Brands and supporting sponsor the Davis Foundation … and saying very nice things about CCAD …  and introducing our own lovable president, one Mr. Denny Griffith—and he just announced he’s going off script. But as usual even when he wings it he gets it done.

Denny just made a great point—funds raised by this event go to the CCAD general scholarship fund. Let me elaborate: Scholarships can be the deciding factor on whether a student can come to CCAD. I hate to pull out an old cliché, but this really is a party with a purpose. (Donations can still be made online).

Now our VP Ms. Stephanie Hightower is taking the stage. She is thanking all of our amazing sponsors and our host committee, including the chairs Danielle & George Skestos, who were the driving force behind turning this event from a brunch to a full-on nighttime PARTAY.

Now for the moment where I find out which lucky VIP I will be jealous of for the rest of the night … they are about to announce the raffle winner for the diamond earrings designed by Stephen Webster—Congrats to Dionna Baker! (No, really, I mean it).

Guests are starting to move to the tent—the show is going to start soon. I love the energy in a room right before a show starts, and with this audience that energy is electric!

(Photos are also available on our Facebook page (and don’t worry we’ll add more next week.)

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The CCAD Fashion Show is an annual fundraising event that showcases the talent of graduating Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design Seniors. This popular event sells out every year and this blog is a portal through which to view the behind-the-scenes goings on.

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