CCAD’s Got Talent

September 16th, 2011 by Amanda Macedo
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Nathan Moser (center) with band, The Bare Feats

As if CCAD didn’t already have talent enough, on Thursday Sept 15, 2011, the Student Programming Board put on their first talent show: CCAD’s Got Talent. Finally! A chance for us to see what else our crazy-talented artist friends and classmates have going for them. When students aren’t pulling all-nighters trying to get that homework done, it turns out they’re practicing some other extra-curricular talents. What don’t CCAD students do? Seriously.

We all knew that CCAD has painting, drawing, and designing. But did you know that we also have bare-footed banjo players (The Bare Feat); singing sensations (Julie Ward and Beth DuBoe); tap, hip hop, ballet, and Indian classical dancers (Mary Mauger, Marcos Castillo, Da’Niro Brown, and Zaria Ahmed); singer/songwriters (Patrick Thomas and Taylor Repuano); cello and piano players (Stephanie Berrie and Michael Young); stand-up comedians (Zayne Parmiter); a bass-slapping beast (Alejandro Bellizzi); and even our very own Lady Gaga (Christian Cimoroni)? Yeah. Just saying.

We all voted by texting the number of our favorite performers (insert boast about how tech-savvy our school is), and then a panel of faculty judges picked a winner out of the crowd’s favorite four. At the end of the evening, hip hop dancer, Mr. Marcos Castillo ( a junior in Illustration) took home the grand prize of $200, but all the other performers took home something too: the admiration of their fellow student body.

As for me, I’m still trying to find my talent. I guess pulling 17-hour workdays will have to be it for now. If you need me, I’ll be sleeping. Over and out.

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