CCAD Student’s Video Gains International Attention

October 14th, 2011 by Katlin McNally
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Alex Trimpe

It all started with a class project and now Alex Trimpe, current media studies student, has gained international recognition.

Trimpe’s The World is Obsessed with Facebook video has opened new doors, and one of these doors led him to an opportunity in Singapore.

An educational publishing company is creating an English language textbook package in which they will use Trimpe’s video on a DVD.

“I got an email one day asking for permission to use my video,” said Trimpe. “It will be used and distributed for the next six years, as part of their textbook package”

This request is not the only job offer he receives in response to the Facebook video he made.

“I get around two to three requests for work a week, 100 percent of them reference the Facebook video I created,” he said.

The video was originally posted on Vimeo seven months ago and has reached nearly 611,000 plays. On YouTube the video has over 197,000 plays.

It was originally created by Trimpe to explore Kinetic Typography. He found facts on dealing with social media use and wanted to somehow bring these facts to life and illustrate them.

“I wanted to work with the site’s information because not only was it interesting, but the information could also apply to a lot of people,” he said.

This  familiarity with the information is what sparked the success of the video. It was instantly shared on social media outlets by people who had come across the video.

“The biggest jump for the video came from Vimeo, when they chose it to be one of their staff picks.”

Vimeo has a staff picks selection on their website where the seven administrators of the organization will choose their top videos and The World is Obsessed with Facebook was one of their selections.

Trimpe has yet to slow down with his work. He recently worked with a local company, Wonderland, and created a video for them to feature their new work and mission. Trimpe continues to work closely with the company and has become an integral part of their team and start-up process.


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