Two CCAD Sculptors Featured in Cleveland Exhibition

October 1st, 2011 by Katlin McNally
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Left to Right: Molly Burke, "Untitled (Body Forms)" and Virginia Kistler, "Untitled"

The Sculpture X Symposium and its 2011 fall juried exhibition will play host to Molly Burke (CCAD 2006), fine arts alumna and graduate admissions officer, and Virginia Kistler, current CCAD MFA student.

“Out of 60 applicants from 20 different institutions, Virginia and I were chosen, I think that speaks highly of the talent at CCAD,” Burke said.

The After the Pedestal, the 7th Annual of Small Sculpture from the Region exhibition will host 14 artists, all current MFA students or recent graduates of programs in the Midwest.

Molly Burke has two pieces in the show. Her first piece, We’re Not Broken, is a sculpture featuring egg forms.

The sculpture has various broken, cracked, and whole egg shells. The work plays with shadows and light within an open, white palate.

“I am attracted to the overall smooth form and the balance that is apparent. The piece also has the representation of people, having each person showing different cracks or experiences in their shells,” said Burke.

Her second piece, Untitled which is subtitled Body Forms, pulls inspiration on a microscopic scale. It looks at organic cells and their idea of movement and health.

“I create artwork that a person wants to look out and touch, they want to interact with my pieces,” Burke said.

This piece features bright colored, sandblasted glass orbs, tucked inside a nylon sack which is hung from the ceiling, dangling at eye level.

Kistler will be showing her piece, Untitled, in the exhibition. Her work incorporates acrylic, tar, and found objects. It is a mounted wall piece that represents a biological growth out of control.

“The inspiration for the piece comes from images of cities at night taken from the International Space Station.  The piece is about the expansion of urban areas and the reasons for the growth,” said Kristler.

Kistler will complete her MFA at CCAD in spring 2012. The sculpture that is being shown was her spring 2011 semester project at CCAD.

The juror, Barbara Hunt McLanahan is the executive director of the Judd Foundation and a board member of the Jerome Foundation.

She chose work that “urges us to certainly be concerned, literally, about the dark—we should be more mindful of mankind’s depletion of the earth’s natural resource, and planning a future that has found more sustainable forms or energy or safer agriculture,” McLanahan said.

The juried exhibition is put on by the Sculpture Center in Cleveland, Ohio and is on display Sept. 16–Oct. 22, 2011. SculptureX Symposium #2: The State of the MFA will be on Oct. 15, 2011 at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

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