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November 14th, 2011 by IMAGE Magazine
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Dennison W. Griffith

Be honest. If I asked you to picture an artist at work, what would come into your mind?

Whether you imagine a man or a woman, using a camera or a paintbrush or a computer stylus, I’ll bet you five bucks that I can name one component of your vision: the artist is alone in the room.

If I’m right, I hope you’re ready to refresh your thinking. Maybe it’s just because it’s getting cooler outside in the Midwest and we’re all huddling together for warmth, but lately it seems particularly clear how false it is to think of artists simply as solitary and self-focused. We speak for others, lend our talents to others, and participate in networks that reach worldwide. Just look at the stories in this issue:

There’s one last aspect of community that I want to remind you about, and that’s how every fall the worldwide CCAD community comes together to support students with our annual fund drive. Every single dollar has real impact—first helping a current CCAD student, then flowing back out and contributing to the larger creative community when that student graduates. Please visit and give today.

Warm regards,

Dennison W. Griffith

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