Donor Snapshot: Loann Crane

November 14th, 2011 by IMAGE Magazine
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Loann Crane

As a former art dealer, Loann Crane knows a good thing when she sees it. Since the day she first stepped onto CCAD’s campus, she has been impressed by the caliber of CCAD students: their talent, work ethic, and vigor for creating exceptional art. She’s demonstrated that judgment to the world by becoming a champion of CCAD, including making the largest single gift in the college’s history to support construction of the Loann Crane Center for Design, which opened in 2005. She’s also led the CCAD board of trustees through two terms as board president, served on many committees, and hosted and attended countless fundraising events.

Crane recently talked with IMAGE about her passion for CCAD and its mission, and how exciting it’s been to be part of the college’s evolution from a local art school to an international art and design institution.

IMAGE: How did you initially become involved with CCAD?

LC: I joined the board when Joe Canzani was president and immediately became passionate about CCAD and everything it stands for. Joe’s work ethic and passion for design and perfection were contagious.

Once I learned more about all of the interesting things happening at CCAD and got to know some of the instructors in the fine arts department, I quickly realized what an asset CCAD is to Columbus.

IMAGE: Why did you and your family feel inspired to fund the Loann Crane Center for Design?

LC: Columbus has been so good to my family, and we feel strongly about giving back, especially to the arts community. I think CCAD makes Columbus an interesting place to live, and our family truly appreciates the uniqueness it brings our community.

Loann Crane Center for Design

IMAGE: What impact do you think the Crane Center has had on student life at CCAD?

LC: It’s allowed CCAD to build a true campus that appeals to students and their families as well as to the faculty and staff who work there. Before the Center for Design and some of the other new facilities were built, CCAD felt like just a bunch of buildings with no cohesiveness. Today, CCAD has evolved into one of the country’s finest art and design schools with an international reputation and distinguished alumni. It’s been fascinating to be a part of the evolution!

IMAGE: Why would you encourage others to invest in CCAD?

LC: CCAD has created a facet to our community that makes Columbus more sophisticated and appealing. One of the greatest rewards from my involvement with CCAD has been getting to meet and support the people who make our community great. CCAD is a big part of what makes our community special—I encourage people who are passionate about art and helping young people build careers in art and design to support this great asset.

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