Taylor Hicks: One Student’s View of Donor Impact

November 14th, 2011 by IMAGE Magazine
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Taylor Hicks

Late each summer, as CCAD’s Annual Fund Drive approaches, we sit down with a current CCAD student for a chat about how donor giving really affects students at CCAD. Why do students come here? Do things like scholarships really matter? For these answers and more, meet Taylor Hicks (CCAD 2013), an Illustration major from Columbus, Ohio.

IMAGE: What drew you to CCAD?

Taylor:  CCAD has always been first on my list of possible colleges to attend. From about the age of 16, I was taking summer courses, the SMAC classes (Saturday Morning Art Classes). Ever since then, I’ve grown to love the campus and the teachers. Plus, it’s local and my parents are pretty good cooks.

IMAGE: Is anyone else in your family interested art and design?

Taylor: My whole family has inspired me in one way or another. My dad was, and still is, a painter. He never pursued art school, though, so he really inspired me to take art seriously, to build a career in it, and to go above and beyond—to surpass him. My brother is an amazing artist with a really graphic style, my sister paints, and my mom is an artist, too.

IMAGE: What’s your favorite part about being an Illustration major?

Taylor: If I were to put one word on to illustration, I would say “imagination,” because it’s so free.

IMAGE: A scholarship can…

Taylor:  …drive me.

IMAGE: What would you like to say to CCAD donors about the impact of their support?

Taylor: Their donations and gifts matter because that’s what drives us and helps us succeed in school. In this day and age, in this recession, people are scrambling. Getting scholarships really helps. It gives the parents a boost, emotional and mental, and gives the students a major inspiration. I’m very grateful. I know other people are, too.

IMAGE: What excites you about your future?

Taylor: The opportunities [that come] from having all this drive and all these techniques. Everything that I have under my belt can be used for a career or to help someone.

IMAGE:  Anything more you’d like to add?

Taylor: My experiences here have been pretty much unforgettable. Meeting new people, that’s a major one. Getting out of my comfort zone with art.

I’m so happy and thankful that people are going out of their way to give [to] a school so kids can take their dreams and go out into the world and make something of themselves. It’s awesome to know that people still do that in this world.

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