Class Explores Environmental Impact of Population Growth

December 1st, 2011 by Katlin McNally
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Design on endangered species condoms

There are now seven billion people on the planet and counting.

CCAD faculty member, Kim Landsbergen, who teaches in the Liberal Arts, division celebrated the birth of the seventh billionth person by talking about issues of sustainability and population growth in her classes.

Landsbergen is a member of the Center for Biological Diversity and is passing on awareness of their Seven Billion and Counting campaign to her Biomimicry and Ecology classes.

Landsbergen’s classes watched a documentary, Manufactured Landscapes, which discusses human resource consumption and land use.

After watching the film, Erin McKenna, a senior Fine Arts student, changed her purchasing patterns by reusing as many products as possible and only shopping at thrift stores.

The Center for Biological Diversity’s campaign goal is to focus on trying to manage population growth by connecting it to environmental problems. One of the campaign’s awareness projects is the Endangered Species Condoms, which they encourage participants to  pass out. The condoms have relevant  phrases such as, “wrap with care, save a polar bear,” “hump smarter, save the snail darter,” and “wear a condom now, save the spotted owl.”

“The ‘endangered species condoms’ were a far more effective way of tying together the concepts of global population and environmental integrity then lecturing,” Landsbergen said.

“I not only thought the condoms were hilarious, but they also got people talking about the issues,” added McKenna.

To learn more about the Center for Biological Diversity, visit their website.

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