Unique Honors Project Explores Boundaries and Identity

December 2nd, 2011 by Katlin McNally
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Students read over comment cards in class

A Liberal Arts honor’s class at Columbus College of Art  & Design is questioning social boundaries by asking the CCAD community “who are you?”

The students are working on a semester-long project based off of the question of “who are you?” to explore the idea of boundaries, especially when it comes to identity.

The class is calling themselves “Collective Identity,” and began their project by brainstorming a topic to explore.

“We came across the topic of boundaries,” said Jeannine Kraft, assistant professor.  “We discussed internal and external boundaries from the ones you set up with friends to the boundaries between CCAD and the Columbus community.”

Boxes were places around campus with the question “who are you?”  on top. The students placed blank index cards on the boxes and awaited responses from visitors, students, faculty, and staff. The students collected the boxes after having them available to the public for two weeks.

To organize the comment cards the students went through reading the responses out loud. The cards garnered responses including laughs, winces, and collective “awes” from the students. The cards were then organized by theme ranging from drawings to confessions, to fears to announcements, to depressing memories or sultry secrets.

The comment cards will then be put together and used as a script for a performance piece. The performance will take place Dec. 8 at 6:30 p.m. as part of a larger group student activity and performance called the Night Market. It will take place in the a garage space on Cleveland Avenue south of the Canzani Center.

The class will also show an exhibition called Boundaries in the Design Studios on Broad gallery, Dec. 12–15 with an opening reception on Dec. 15, 7–9 p.m.

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