Things We Heard During the 2011 Phone-a-Thon

December 12th, 2011 by Wordpress Administrator
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A student talks to an alum during the phone-a-thon.

Very recently CCAD students participated in the second annual phone-a-thon to touch base with our alumni and raise money for student scholarships.

Every evening for three weeks, a gaggle of students took over staff offices and diligently made calls. During this time they got responses that ranged from humorous to inspiring, and sometimes just really, really cool. Here is a sample of what we heard:

Best reason to get off the phone: Going into labor! (We wanted to follow up, but decided that might be a bit too intrusive.)

Coolest reason alum couldn’t talk: On a movie set, ready to shoot.

Most interesting reason to decline giving a monetary donation: One alumnus explained that he had taken a vow of poverty—he is literally a monk living in a monastery. Peace, brother!

Blake Roberts, a junior majoring in Advertising & Graphic Design, said the coolest thing he heard during the phone-a-thon was an alumnus describing how he “bit the bullet and moved to New York and is making life work.”

Blake said, “For some reason, I really respected that specific designer’s gumption to just pick up and MAKE life happen for themselves, not LET life happen. I appreciated knowing that there IS a career for me.”

Throughout the campaign many alumni were kind enough to ask the students who they talked with to stay in touch. Thank you for that!

Did you get a call from a CCAD student about the Annual Fund Drive?  If so, share here what it was like to talk to a current student from your alma mater.

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