Alumnus Shows Trophy Work in New York City

March 6th, 2012 by Katlin McNally
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Chris Cosnowski's painting "Cheerleaders"

Alumnus Chris Cosnowski (CCAD 1992) has a solo exhibition, at Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City.

Cosnowski’s exhibition, American Metal, features paintings depicting gold trophies. The Illustration alumnus’ paintings are a metaphor for his view of American society.

“I used this imagery to represent the need for excessive security just to live freely today,” Cosnowski said. “America is ostensibly a meritocracy, and I think we can all agree that hard work, talent, creativity, and integrity should be rewarded. American exceptionalism, however, seems to have been largely replaced with greed and a craving for celebrity.”

According to the gallery’s press release, the Cosnowski’s painting called Cheerleaders is meant to “embody America’s obsession with sports, beauty, and social standing.”

The exhibition is open March 1–31, 2012.

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