Graduating MFA Candidates Exhibit Work

March 28th, 2012 by Katlin McNally
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Crystal Turisch in her studio

The first of anything is always exciting and our first MFA class is no different. CCAD’s inaugural master of fine arts class will be graduating this spring, but not before they exhibit their work in First: The 2012 New Projects MFA Thesis Exhibition.

Eleven graduating MFA students will display their final theses March 30–April 27. Works in the exhibition will range from glass, installation, social practice, and photography to fabric design, illustration, painting, and digital media.

CCAD’s two-year MFA program is project-based. The non-media-specific curriculum focuses on individual artistic/design development and creative leadership. It brings together talented individuals from a variety of different media to build a community that fosters exploration, professionalism, and creative success.

Cystal Turisch, one of the graduating students, will show photographs that explores the anxieties and insecurities that result from growing up with an alcoholic mother. Her work is divided into different photographic series focusing on obstacles and emotions that have affected her throughout her adult life.

Nathan Gorgen's studio, featuring his main thesis project

“I wanted to be a part of the first MFA class at CCAD,” Turisch said. “I wanted to be able to work with a small, close group of artists and receive a lot of one-on-one attention from professors, mentors, and peers within the school.”

Nathan Gorgen was excited about CCAD’s MFA program because of its location. He had never been to Columbus and was pleased with the amount of artistic opportunities the city holds for his professional career.

“Columbus wasn’t really on my map before I came here, now I realize what an amazing city it is,” exclaimed Gorgen. “I’m so impressed with the professors, the local art scene, and the whole environment that is in Columbus.”

Gorgen’s final piece is a large installation that combines painting and architectural elements.

“I had a lot of time and support throughout this program. I was able to tackle more ambitious projects and get a better conceptual understanding of art and the art I produce,” Gorgen said.

Nicole Crock has found the support in the program unlike that of other schools she researched. Crock decided to attend CCAD because the program was based on a multidisciplinary foundation. The MFA candidate works in mixed media. By working with an array of artists in close proximity, she was able to explore more artistic mediums and learn from her peers’ expertise.

“I hate to say such a cliché phrase, but I really have blossomed here. I needed this program,” Crock said.

Her final thesis project is a multimedia installation that explores the emotions connected with moving from place to place.

Nicole Crock in her studio

“Moving has been the inspiration for my art. A lot of people think it is glamorous that I have been able to travel, but I always longed for the feeling of home and to not feel as though I am rootless,” said Crock.

Following graduation, Crock plans to stay in Columbus and continue focusing on her work. She wants to find a studio space and start connecting with artists within the community.

“I think it is important to make art with the purpose of communicating with people, and that is what I want to do,” Crock said. “I want to learn to be able to seek change, and do it gracefully throughout my life.”

First: The 2012 New Projects MFA Thesis Exhibition opens March 30 and will run through April 27 with an opening reception March 30, 6–8 p.m. CCAD’s first MFA class includes Elena Harvey Collins, Alex Conrad, Nicole Crock, Nathan Gorgen, Chris Harman, Woodrow Hinton III, Virginia Kistler, Kayane Kouzoujian, Cosby Lindquist, Amanda Rouse and Crystal Turisch.

To learn more about CCAD’s MFA program click here.

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    Wow – sounds like there’s a really interesting range of projects that are going to be on show.