CCAD Students Bring Maps and Recipes to Life

April 5th, 2012 by Katlin McNally
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First-place winner for TDAC, Evan Thomas' illustration "Past Spa"

Studio SSS, founder of the popular websites They Draw and Travel (TDAT) and They Draw and Cook (TDAC) recently announced the winners of their CCAD student competition for Illustration majors.

TDAT and TDAC were created by a brother/sister design team of Fashion Design alumna Salli Swindell (CCAD 1981) and Nate Padavick.

Swindell came to CCAD in February 2012 to lecture as part of the Visiting Artists Series. While here, she announced a competition. Students were encouraged to enter their illustrations into one or both of the sites; the top three designs would receive a cash prize.

First-place winner for TDAT, Emily Lockwood's illustration "A Climbers Guide: Red River Gorge, Kentucky"

“Not only is it a great exercise for people who enjoy drawing, but it is also a career opportunity, since we have had many professionals contact [our sites'] illustrators to do freelance work,” Swindell said during her visit.

The company received more than 70 entries for the contest and had an outside judge to choose three winners and three runners-ups. They Draw and Travel was judged by illustrator Steve Mack, who blogs regularly for Illustration Friday. Sophomore Emily Lockwood took first place, junior Jesus Walle took second, and junior Cody Hanes took third. The three runner-ups were sophomore Andrew Pena, freshman Sichong Xie, and junior Melissa Hiat.

They Cook and Draw was judged by the CEO of Flourish Agency, Inc., Christopher Ferranti, and his team. First place went to junior Evan Thomas, second place went to senior Isuri Merenchi Hewage, and third place went to senior Monica Cronin. Runner-ups were included sophomores Samuel Veirs, Alesha Williams, and Sherlann Lewandowski.

Artists from around the world have submitted their illustrated recipes and/or maps to the TDAC and TDAT sites. After receiving hundreds of submissions, the design team published their first cookbook last year, which includes illustrations from artists around the world.

They Draw and Travel winning entries can be viewed here and They Draw and Cook entries here.

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