And Now the Fun Begins!

May 11th, 2012 by Wordpress Administrator
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A packed crowd.

7:30 p.m.

One of the many things I love about this event is the spectacular people watching it affords. The nature of our event—cocktails, runway show, dancing—is such that our guests are encouraged to have fun with their fashion choices.

There are no rules.

Jeans are fine. (I’ve seen people here make jeans look like high fashion.)

Wanna rock your club wear? Bring it.

Look sassy in a cocktail dress or feeling like full-length couture? Go for it.

Jewelry your thing? Make it shine.

As a spectator, I get to take it all in. The crowd, for me, is as much of a fashion show as what happens on the catwalk.

Don’t worry dear readers, there will be plenty of pictures. This year we set up a photo station thanks to our title sponsor Limitedbrands Foundation to ensure we capture our fashionista guests on their way in to the VIP cocktail reception, which is courtesy of Nationwide. (Let’s face it, the lighting that’s great for a cocktail party is not so great for fashion photos.)

Mayor Michael Coleman and Janelle Simmons.

Guests are starting to arrive and already I am wowed—this year will not disappoint. One shoulder dresses seem to be a favorite pick of some of the ladies. Lot’s of light shimmering fabrics, an ode to the coming summer I suspect. One dress has a harem pant affect at the bottom, it’s subtle and lovely. Sequins are shining and there are even a few gentleman sporting bow ties for the evening. Wait, is that a blue tuxedo jacket I see? That rocks.

The atmosphere here is oddly both charged and relaxed. People are clustered together in groups talking and laughing while sipping their drinks—it’s like they’ve taken a big collective breath after a long week and now they are ready to let loose and have fun.

Lots of local celebs and media are joining the crowd of VIPs. A few high-profile lawyers gather in one corner, perhaps recapping today’s courtroom antics, while competing newscasters trade a few stories and perhaps fashion tips in another. It’s an elite crowd but inviting just the same.

Ok, I have to pause here and pay homage to a stunning cobalt blue dress complimented by big chunkie gold bangles.

As a little preview to the show, there are garments from the designers on mannequins throughout the party space. The Diamond Cellar is also here and once again they are raffling off a piece of exquisite jewelry (the winner will be announced next week). Helping them out is Fine Arts junior Carson Weaver, who was the winner of this year’s Diamond Cellar design contest.

This group certainly appreciates well designed accessories, one woman has a fabulous multitude of black and white beads streaming around her neck.

While lots of ladies, both young and young-at-heart seemed to opt to pull out the pearls and they look stunning.

Wow. Time went fast. They are already urging guests into the tent for the runway show.

I guess I better pack up and get over there.

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The CCAD Fashion Show is an annual fundraising event that showcases the talent of graduating Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design Seniors. This popular event sells out every year and this blog is a portal through which to view the behind-the-scenes goings on.

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  1. Ashley Jackson says:

    How do I get a hold of one of these pictures that I’m in?