Internationally Known Jewelry Designer Visits CCAD

October 7th, 2012 by Katlin McNally
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Ippolita discusses career paths with CCAD students

CCAD welcomed jewelry designer Ippolita to campus this week. The Italian designer, whose designs are represented by Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, local Diamond Cellars, and her own Madison Avenue shop, gave a special presentation on her career path to students, followed by a visit to a jewelry making class where she critiques student work.

During her presentation Ippolita discussed the career path that led to her having her own jewelry line, and noted that she considers not only raw talent, but luck as equal in a designer’s path.

“It may be daunting sitting in here and thinking you won’t find a job at your dream place, but those businesses that you want jobs at are all currently looking for you,” Ippolita told the students in her presentation. “They are looking for raw talent and innovative minds.”

Over the past decade Ippolita has become a force in fine jewelry. She was born and raised in Tuscany and after earning a degree in sculpture from the renowned Istituto D’Arte in Florence, she went to New York to pursue opportunities in her craft.

She told the students her career did not immediately start at designing fine jewelry, but rather ranged from working in ad agencies and designing jewelry for other stores until the right opportunity and venture came up. Her current jewelry line is inspired by her love of organic shape and form and every one of her pieces is made by hand.

Ippolita’s visit to CCAD was arranged by the Diamond Cellar, a business that has partnered with CCAD often to bring nationally renown jewelry designers to campus and has supported CCAD’s annual Senior Fashion Show event.

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