Shaping an Event Experience: There’s a Pattern

February 19th, 2013 by Katlin McNally
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Postcard for the 2013 Senior Fashion Show, created by Ologie

Postcard for the 2013 Senior Fashion Show, created by Ologie

It’s probably no surprise that Fashion Design students at Columbus College of Art & Design work night and day for a chance to see their garments go down the runway during that special night in May. What you may not know is that there is another team working night and day on the show—the design team at Ologie, the firm that is again tackling the creative challenge of branding an amazing event experience for the college and those lucky ticket holders who come to our show.

Casey Carmell, a designer at Ologie explained that this year’s visual identity for the show is focused on the designer’s process.

“We’re interested in where they find their inspiration, seeing their fashion illustrations, their ideas in their sketchbooks, and understanding the tools and materials they use,” said Carmell.

This is the fifth year that Ologie, has helped CCAD develop the marketing materials for the show, but this year they are diving even deeper and looking at the full customer experience, from the invite to the big tent.

A major visual component of the show (other than, of course, the fabulous student designs coming down the runway) is the lookbook. This signature piece is not a simple program but a photo-rich book that is placed in portfolios and shared with prospective students considering CCAD’s Fashion Design program.

Like any top-tier fashion magazine, photography is the key element. This year Ologie has brought in photographer Nick Fancher, who has already begun shooting select garments for early print ads. For the lookbook, Ologie  has a very clear vision for the daylong photo shoot in March (which naturally you can read about on this blog, March 10).

“From a visual standpoint, the photography will show glimpses of the designers in the studio at CCAD—fitting their models, photographs of their sketchbooks and inspiration boards,” Carmell said. “We’ve also brought in the materials they use to create their pieces as graphic elements, like the good guide and graph paper they use, the shapes of garment blocks, and different types of stitching. That’s all part of the visual language for this year.

“The whole design process has been exciting for me,” Carmell said. “It has been fun talking with the students and understanding their process. Working with this year’s photographer Nick Fancher has been great. And of course the team at CCAD has been great to work with—I can’t wait for the photo shoot to see all the hard work of these designers come to life—it is going to be awesome.”

Leading the charge and sharing her expertise throughout the process has been Ologie founder and CCAD alumna Bev Bethge. Bethge and her team have been supporting CCAD’s marketing and branding efforts for many years, including developing the college’s brand guidelines. Most recently the agency launched a new suite of recruitment materials for CCAD.

Tickets for the 2013 Senior Fashion Show are on sale, buy them now, the advance purchase special ends March 28, and don’t forget this event is a fundraiser for student scholarships.

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The CCAD Fashion Show is an annual fundraising event that showcases the talent of graduating Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design Seniors. This popular event sells out every year and this blog is a portal through which to view the behind-the-scenes goings on.

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2 Responses to “Shaping an Event Experience: There’s a Pattern”

  1. Mary says:

    Another example where using the current students would have been a much more practical and appropriate solution. If the school doesn’t trust the students, then why should employers?

    I’m excited for the show, the students do wonderful work, but its the outsourcing that shines more and that’s very sad.

  2. Amixer says:

    wonderful so beautiful