Antoiné Slater Connects Bold, Strong Prints

March 27th, 2013 by Fashion Blogger
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Antoiné  Slater looks over her sketchbook

Antoiné Slater looks over her sketchbook. Photo by Katlin McNally

By Kristen M. Foley

For as long as she can remember, Antoiné Slater was drawn to anything that was creative, allowed her to apply herself artistically, and was hands on.

A love of braiding hair inspired Antoiné to earn her cosmetology license during her last two years of high school, but she soon learned it was not the lifelong career for her.

“I was able to be creative in this area and I knew I wanted to do something with my hands,” said Antoiné. “However, after I graduated I didn’t want to do hair anymore. It was something I enjoyed, but I didn’t want to do it as a job.”

Her mom encouraged her to do some research and think hard about what she really wanted to study. It didn’t take Antoiné long to determine that fashion, something she’s always loved in one way or another, was the direction she wanted to pursue. Four years later, she’s ready to showcase her love of fashion with three of her final designs in the CCAD Senior Fashion Show.

Antoiné’s collection is inspired by a quote: “Sometimes the king is a woman,” by De La Vega, an American born artist of Puerto Rican decent who is best known for his street art and murals.

Fabric used in Antoiné Slater's collection

Fabric used in Antoiné Slater’s collection. Photo by Katlin McNally

Antoiné created designs that she felt reflected the strength of women. In her artist statement she predicted that her line would attract a woman who is “outspoken, open minded, always willing to try new things, never afraid to speak her mind, or stand out in a crowd.” Gold used throughout her designs along with bold and bright African prints adds to the sense of royalty.

“I feel like it all ties together, too,” reflects Antoine. “My culture and how I feel strongly about expressing myself and being comfortable with myself. It all connects.”

Antoiné recently discovered that a strong fashion sense runs in her family, and this discovery is reflected her collection. While reconnecting with her paternal grandmother last summer, Antoiné learned that she was not alone in her passion for fashion.

Antoiné Slater looks over her sketchbook

Antoiné Slater looks over her sketchbook. Photo by Katlin McNally

“She has everything you could imagine in clothes, jewelry, bags, and shoes from back then. She was a fashionista,” Antoiné said about her grandmother. “I learned that she is exactly where I get my instinct from, and I did not know that until this past summer. We bonded over that.”

Not only will her fashionista grandmother be in attendance at this May’s Senior Fashion Show, but all of the gold jewelry Antoiné is using in her collection comes from her grandmother. It’s another way Antoiné feels she was able to tie everything together and truly elevate the look for the runway.

“It all connects,” said Antoiné. “The opportunities I experienced with this collection always came at just the right time.”

As graduation draws closer she is already focusing on the new connections and opportunities that lay ahead, including a job.

“My dream job would be working with a fashion forward creative design team, traveling all over the world for inspiration and spotting trends,” she says. “I want to be that person who connects it all together.”

Make sure you make a connection of your own and order tickets today to see Antoiné’s collection on May 10.

Antoiné Slater is a native of Dayton, OH, and a graduate of Wayne High School.

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