Dax Kauser’s ‘Nomad Collection’ Tells Life Story

March 14th, 2013 by Fashion Blogger
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Dax makes adjustments before the photo shoot.

Dax makes adjustments before the photo shoot. Photo by Katlin McNally

By Kristen M. Foley

Each CCAD student has a story to tell with their art, it’s just up to them which medium they want to use to convey its chapters. For Dax Thomas Kauser, his story is uniquely woven through a very personal fashion collection that reflects on his past, including his time as a Marine deployed overseas.

“It’s really a build up of my life from adolescence to where I’m at now,” said Dax. “My collection is everything I want to say as I reveal myself to the industry and future customers. This is my story and I am ready to share it.”

Before attending CCAD, Dax jests that he “dabbled in schools and collected colleges,” and he admits that he believes his arrival at CCAD resulted from an impulse.

“Once back in Columbus, me and my friends would go to all the festivals and hustle tee shirts that we would screen print,” said Dax.  “After a while creative boredom set in so I applied to CCAD on a whim and was accepted with a great scholarship.”

A detail of fabric used in Das's collection

A detail of fabric used in Dax’s collection. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

“During my first semester I wasn’t sure what to choose as a major, but as soon as I walked into the fashion department I knew that this is where I belonged,” remembers Dax.  “When I informed all my friends that I was going into fashion, I was surprised that none of them were shocked. That’s the great thing about CCAD, the ability to try new avenues. Who knows, you might just discover a dormant passion.”

That passion evolved into six designs that Dax fittingly entitled the “Nomad Collection.” It’s a wearable story of the twists and turns his life has taken over the years as well as his travels throughout the world.

Dax wrote in his artist’s statement: “The Nomad Collection is a story of my travels, hardships, loss, and the beauty of balance. Inspired by the wonders of the Arab world and its mesmerizing culture to the outlandish fashions of Japan.”

Dax's collection, "Nomad," is a reflection of his past..

Dax’s “Nomad Collection,” is a reflection of his past. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

As he started his collection, his first step was reflecting on all of those past experiences and then finding a way to incorporate them intricately and literally into his designs. Many of the silk-screened fabrics in his collection were created using abstracts of the photographs he captured during his deployments. These unique pieces showcase the various cultures he was exposed to and learned to love.

“Out of the four years that I was in the Marine Corps, almost three were deployed in some kind of hostile environment,” adds Dax. “From there it really affected who I am and helped me decide what I wanted to do. Life is short. Do what you love.”

Dax will continue to do what he loves after graduation when he heads to New York City to pursue internships and continue to grow and learn his craft.

“I want to experience a little more and ensure I fit with the company first,” he says. “I’d rather go in with an internship and get a feel for them and them for me and go from there. That way it’s a little more open.”

You’ll get a chance to experience Dax’s amazing runway story at the CCAD Senior Fashion Show on May 10, but only if you buy your tickets now (ticket prices go up at the end of March and the show sells out each year).

Check out Dax’s website at www.thecreativecult.com.

Dax Kauser is a native of Columbus, OH, and a graduate of Groveport Madison High School.

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2 Responses to “Dax Kauser’s ‘Nomad Collection’ Tells Life Story”

  1. Tricia Grevencamp says:

    Reading this article about Dax made me misty-eyed. I remember him as a very young teenager. He has made me so proud and I know everyone that knows him is proud od him as well.

  2. Charlene Edelson says:

    When Neil and Sarah were telling me your story, it brought tears to my ears. I am so happy for your success. Congrats and it your turn to shine!!!! Enjoy every moment of it!!