From Student to Advocate: Zach Wahls Shares His Story at CCAD

March 2nd, 2013 by CCAD News
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Wahls answers student questions.

Wahls answers student questions.

Zach Wahls shared his very personal story of becoming an advocate for marriage equality with CCAD students during a visit to campus March 1. In his presentation, he discussed his new-found celebrity and becoming one of the key voices on the often controversial topic, “What Makes a Family.”

Zach was just 19-years-old, a University of Iowa engineering student, when he gave a heartfelt testimony in front of the Iowa House Judiciary Committee.  He’s the son of two lesbian mothers and Iowa was about to vote on House Joint Resolution Six, banning gay marriage.

In the end, Iowa became one of the nine states to grant marriage equality rights, along with the District of Columbia.

CCAD’s student programming board organized Zach’s visit to campus, and led the Q & A discussion that followed his presentation. The presentation also was part of the monthly Fusion events sponsored by Stonewall in Columbus. Fusion is a monthly social for LGBT college students that rotates among the various college campuses in Columbus

See the now famous video of his testimony, which has been seen over 17 million times on YouTube.

Check out Zach’s appearance on the Ellen show.

Follow the CCAD’s student programming board on facebook, for updates on upcoming events during fall and spring semesters.


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