Kassie Haji Traveled Far to Get to Her Collection

March 25th, 2013 by Fashion Blogger
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Kassie Haji checks a jacket from her men's wear look. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

Kassie Haji checks a jacket from her men’s wear look. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

By Kristen M. Foley

When it is time to design, sew, and finalize a Senior Fashion Show collection, every minute counts. Just ask Kassie Haji, who spent every free moment she had on her collection, including the hours she spent commuting to and from school on the city bus (a 90-plus-minute ride each way).

“Some of my classmates have told me they couldn’t believe I was still at school. They would have dropped out by now if they had a commute that was that long,” says Haji. “It [college] was what I really wanted, and it takes dedication. I don’t usually complain about it, but that’s been one of my biggest challenges.”

While the travel time made meeting her models difficult and sometimes made for long days, Kassie pushed forward and worked hard and fast on her collection.

“I would do hand sewing on the bus and some sketches,” she notes. “The problem with the bus is that it shakes so much or that people would stand there over me while I worked. I don’t know how I was able to do it, but I did it.”

Five of Kassie’s finished pieces will make a commute of their own as they travel down the runway in May. The collection comprises women’s and men’s wear and combines the essence of classic romance with modern silhouettes. She is particularly passionate about the men’s wear in her collection.

Hand-sewn button holes are just one of the fine details in Kassie's collection. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

Hand-sewn button holes are just one of the fine details in Kassie’s collection. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

“I feel like men’s fashions are always pushed back and they need to be given the opportunity to show their style in everyday life, just like women do,” said Kassie.  “I’m intrigued by the way a male silhouette looks when they are really dressed well. They are very beautiful to me. I also find it very challenging at the same time, and I love to be challenged.”

A native of Northern Iraq, Kassie and her family came to the U.S. when she was just three years old. They lived in several states, including Texas and Rhode Island before moving to Ohio. She is extremely proud of her heritage so she surprised a lot of people when she chose not to include that as a focus of her collection.

“I wanted to design according to what the public or the customer is looking for rather than just pulling from my culture,” said Kassie. “I also didn’t want people to think I might not be able to design for other customers besides what I’m used to.”

Kassie added that she doesn’t ever want to be a static designer. She wants to continually reinvent her designs and cover all facets of the fashion world.

“I want to have my own brand, and style, but I am versatile,” she says proudly. “I love designing for all kinds of costumers.”

Kassie adjusts a look during the photo shoot. Photo by Katlin McNally

Kassie adjusts a look during the photo shoot. Photo by Katlin McNally

The result is intricate details with a tailored look that is flattering and comfortable.

Another challenge that Kassie faced this year was not having access to a good sewing machine outside of the CCAD labs. She met that challenge by doing more hand sewing. Surprisingly, hand-making button holes ended up being a plus for her collection.

“Honestly, I didn’t know how to make the machine button holes so I told myself I needed to reinvent the button hole in a way that would work without looking bad,” she says. “I was able to apply the technique to the jacket and button up shirts and make them look very sophisticated. I was very proud of it, but it was a lot of work.”

You’ll have a chance to see Kassie’s designs up-close and personal as they take the stage on May 10. Order your tickets now, prices go up March 29.

Kassie Haji was born in Northern Iraq and is a resident of Columbus, OH. She graduated from Feinstein High School in Rhode Island.

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3 Responses to “Kassie Haji Traveled Far to Get to Her Collection”

  1. Kay Unger says:

    You should be really proud Kassie, following your dreams always takes dedication and is rarely easy. Keep up the hard work and you will be a great success. Good work!