New at CCAD: The Fab Lab

March 19th, 2013 by Katlin McNally
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Professors working in the new Fab Lab

Professors working in the new Fab Lab

The CCAD campus has undergone some serious changes that I bet some of you would find very interesting if you came back for a visit (hint: we would love for you to come back and visit).

One of the big additions that we’re particularly excited about is the new 3D printing lab, dubbed “The Fab Lab,” which is now officially up and running in Kinney Hall.

The Fab Lab was funded by Nancy and Tad Jeffrey and includes equipment like a Shopbot 3-axis CNC router, a 4-axis CNC Milling Machine, a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), a laser cutter, a format printer, and a vacuum former.

“Students are getting to learn how to use this equipment in the safe confines of the college so when they get out into the real world they will have a competitive edge,” said Tom Gattis, dean of the School of Design Arts.

Not only Industrial Design students, but all majors have started working with the equipment in the lab and are excited about the possibilities. CCAD has begun to bring in technicians versed in the technology to show students the application of these tools in the real world.

“Some of our students may not end up with a design firm that has this equipment in house, but they may be working with a service bureau that they get pieces and parts from, so having the ability to communicate with those technicians is huge,” Gattis said. “They may design something and realize that the technician will need to modify this or flip that part. That give and take is part of the design process. Learning communication and compromising skills as a student is invaluable.”

The lab may be a dream come true to students and faculty, but Gattis isn’t done just yet.

“In five years I just want to see more,” Gattis said. “I would like to see a farm of this equipment, so to speak. My greatest hope and fear, quite frankly, is that come fall semester we are saying, ‘Ahhh, we are overwhelmed.’ This equipment will have a great benefit to the students, all students, no matter what their major is.”

But enough from us; check out the photos below of the new Fab Lab!

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2 Responses to “New at CCAD: The Fab Lab”

  1. Exciting! A MAJOR alumni Thank You to Nancy and Tad Jeffrey, the new leadership of Tom Gattis, and the continued leadership of Denny.

  2. Kate Storm says:

    Congratulations on your new FabLab! Can’t wait to see what your talented students and faculty are making.