Sarah Frederick Balances Time, Technique for Finished Collection

March 12th, 2013 by Fashion Blogger
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Sarah checks a garment before a photo shoot.

Sarah checks a garment before a photo shoot.

By Kristen M. Foley

One of the reigning themes among the senior designers this year does not have to do with their inspiration, the fabric they used, the revolutionary technique they uncovered, or even the designs they created. The theme for all seemed to include a strong tutorial in time management, something they will take with them long after they leave CCAD.

“The most difficult challenge I’ve encountered while working on this collection has been balancing my other classes. Ideally I would love to be able to dedicate this year solely to creating one fantastic collection, treating it like a job and working consistent hours on it alone everyday,” said Sarah Frederick. “Unfortunately between other school courses, jobs, and life in general, that hasn’t exactly been possible. It’s a daily battle to determine what needs to be made a priority and what needs to be sacrificed temporarily. I’d like to give everything I’m working on my full dedication.”

With five pieces headed to the runway in May’s Senior Fashion Show, Sarah’s final collection–filled with free-flowing, feminine, and Western-inspired pieces–certainly showcases the hours of hard work and dedication she put into her collection.

Accessories are carefully selected for each look.

Accessories are carefully selected for each look.

As noted in past blogs, the students were not given a theme to follow this year and were instructed to find inspiration within. Sarah spent her summer break last year thinking about what designs she would feel most like herself in if she were to wear them.

“I am definitely a slow thinker. I like to mentally mull over inspiration, eventually sifting through enough ideas to dream up something I feel is truly worth creating,” she muses. “But when the concept stage feels thought through enough to begin doing the physical work, I can’t wait to begin the measuring and draping to find what shapes will make flattering silhouettes on the human body. Finally, actually constructing the garment feels the most rewarding, especially when you are able to sew something that looks like the idea you had in your head.”

During that initial thought process, Sarah thought hard about what she would want to wear as well as what would be feminine, comfortable, and confident.

“I try to think about how clothing affects how a person feels and how they interact with others,” she notes. “Designs that enhance your body instead of taking away from it or covering it or exposing it.”

Checking the details.

Checking the details.

Sarah took aspects from Western culture and combined them with more modern and practical personal touches like little pockets or suede details. She also created a natural feel to the clothing through design, soft fabric choices, and various fabric-working techniques.

“One of the one most experimental techniques that I used in one of my dresses was embroidery and cutwork,” she reflects. “I layered two fabrics together and embroidered a pattern that I designed in Illustrator. You pin it to the fabric and then embroider over top of it and then cut off the top layer of fabric so you can see the dimensions in the layers.”

You can see Sarah’s detailed designs on May 10, but only if you have a ticket. Get yours now as prices go up at the end of March.

Sarah Frederick is a native of Swanton, MD, and a graduate of Southern Garrett High School.

Photos by Katlin McNally.


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