Art Educators Get Residency Experience at CCAD

April 15th, 2013 by Katlin McNally
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From last year's Art Educator's Studio

From the 2012 Art Educator’s Studio

The Art Educator’s Studio, an invite-only residential opportunity for high school art educators, will return for its third year this July.

The weeklong experience allows art educators to invest in their own creative growth, build relationships with their peers and CCAD faculty, learn specific techniques and lessons to take back to the classroom, and take advantage of CCAD facilities.

Last year, the program had participants from across the country, including California, Florida, and New York.

“Our Continuing & Professional Studies office does a great job of creating residency programs over the summer for middle school and high school students considering a future in art. We saw an opportunity for an easy crossover to an entirely different population—high school art educators,” said Paul Ritter, admissions manager at CCAD.

Participants get a residence hall room in CCAD’s Design Square Apartments, meals in the dining hall, workshops with faculty, and their own studio space with faculty input on their studio project.

“One of the appealing factors of the program is that invitees are chosen because of their contributions to the field of art and design. We look at factors such as their student success and recognition on a national level and work to bring educators to campus whose commitment to teaching art and design is evident,” Ritter said.

Marcy Adams' "Arrangement Number @" that will appear in the Artlin

Marcy Adams’ “Arrangement Number 2″

The small group of participants ensures an intimate environment where educators can have one-on-one classroom and studio experiences with faculty members.

Marcy Adams from Fort Wayne, IN, attended last year’s program and is currently showing the work that she made in the summer studio in the exhibition M.A.C Show at Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery in Fort Wayne.

“It was beneficial to have the studio time at CCAD because I seldom have one week entirely to myself to create art,” Adams said. “I work 50 hours or more a week, maintain a rental business on the side, and I am married with four children.”

Adams used her time at CCAD to create a new body of work and enjoy the one-on-one times with CCAD professors who served as mentors.

She received help in particular from Gordon Lee, professor of Fine Arts, who worked with her on a new technique, which she applied to her existing work.

“I came away from the workshop with a pile of figure drawing sketches, two large-scale drawings, two completed mixed-media works, one animation short, and a few digital drawings. I can continue to develop my drawings into finished works, and I have learned several new techniques that I will utilize in the future,” Adams said.

“Our goal is for each of these participants to go back to their high school classrooms with a refreshed passion for art and a positive testament for their students regarding what CCAD has to offer anyone interested in art and design,” Ritter said.

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