CCAD Welcomes Director and Activist Gwenaelle Gobe

April 24th, 2013 by Katlin McNally
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Poster for

Poster for Gwenaëlle Gobé’s film “This Space Available”

On May 2, the CCAD MindMarket will welcome Gwenaëlle Gobé as she screens the documentary she directed, This Space Available, which is about the efforts of activists, artists, and communities to take those spaces back.

The idea for the film began with a discussion between Gwenaëlle Gobé and her father, Marc Gobé, the internationally renowned creator of the concept of emotional branding.

“Well, I come from a very opinionated family. Marketing and the international promotion of brands were definitively a hot topic at the dinner table, since my dad, Marc, has developed the branding for huge companies around the world,” she said in an article in The Atlantic.

Gwenaelle Gobé shooting “Hoardings”, the name for billboards in India.

Gwenaelle Gobé shooting “hoardings,” the name for billboards in India.

“He still sees corporations with a ‘Helvetica’ innocence of neutrality and righteousness. He would say, ‘Look at the all the colors, the emotions, and social change they are involved in.’ Obviously I strongly disagree; I feel brands infiltrate our space, our privacy and our health without asking permission. Everywhere we go we are treated as potential consumers,” she says in the article.

After pulling together 240 hours of film, 160 interviews, and visits to 11 countries on five continents, the film, which was produced by Marc Gobé, premiered in November 2011 and has since been shown at numerous international festivals.

Check out the details for the May 2 event, sponsored by the Easton Community Foundation, on the event page and watch the trailer for the film here.

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One Response to “CCAD Welcomes Director and Activist Gwenaelle Gobe”

  1. Nanette Hayakawa says:

    I was there in the audience last night, and truly enjoyed this documentary, it walks people through historical events that happened in the beginning of the Green movement with Lady Bird Johnson, 1970s, demanding that the US freeways remove the clutter of huge billboards along the US freeways. At least Lady Bird Johnson had enough nerve to speak up then. That was something that I personally lived through at around 10 years old and I carry that thought with me today, many years later, by appreciating the beauty of the planet we live on. Let’s keep our country pristine and keep our streets clean and our cities fresh. Gwenaelle Gobe touched on the global differences on how visual we human beings are. Advertising is different in other areas of the world – from Tokyo, India, London, New York, Paris and Prague (she provides you with many views from many cities). Gobe takes you along a nice hike to see it all! I highly recommend seeing this film its educational and enriching and maybe you’ll begin to see the world differently.