Jazzmin Evans Brings Bold, Egyptian-Inspired Work to the Runway

April 26th, 2013 by Wordpress Administrator
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Jazzmin Evans. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

Jazzmin Evans. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

By Kristen M. Foley

Jazzmin Evans always strived to be different, especially when it came to her fashion choices. As a teen, not only did her desire to be distinctive influence her retail purchases, but when she couldn’t find what she wanted in the store she started sketching her own designs and turned to her seamstress aunt to help her create her own trends.

“Fashion is a way to express yourself and I’m a person who loves to be different,” notes Jazzmin. “Fashion is different and there’s no right or wrong way to do fashion.”

Hearing her stories about her fashion focus as a youth, it’s not surprising to hear that Jazzmin’s favorite part of the design process is still trend forecasting.

“I love the entire process of starting a new trend. It’s how I can express myself—feelings, personal experiences, my surroundings, music, and just everything that inspires me,” she said. “I’m easily inspired and get a great feeling from being expressive.”

For her senior collection, Jazzmin turned her attention to an Egyptian theme. She was attracted to the bold patterns and the rich colors of red, white, and gold. The theme came to her while she was searching for her inspiration last summer. At first she wanted something that was more sculptured, but eventually moved toward a look that allowed the clothing to drape on the human form.

Jazzmin on set at the lookbook photoshoot. Photo by Katlin McNally

Jazzmin on set at the lookbook photoshoot. Photo by Katlin McNally

“I’m proud of my decision to be bold by color and design,” she said. “I’m stepping out of the box, and in my designs I’m aiming for a high-fashion audience.”

Jazzmin accumulated so much fabric during her initial research that one of her biggest challenges this year was deciding which pieces to use in her designs.

“I went to Michigan, Cleveland, Miami and Chicago to buy fabric,” she said. “I didn’t find exactly what I wanted here and I didn’t want to settle. Everything I got had gold in it, too. I ended up with a lot of fabric left over that I didn’t use.”

Not settling seems to be a theme with Jazzmin. She came to CCAD with a sincere desire to not only learn the basics of creating her own three-dimensional designs, but to dive into illustration, pattern making, construction, surface design, and even electronic design. She felt CCAD gave her an abundance of options that would ultimately allow her to fulfill her fashion dreams.

“I just knew I wanted to study fashion design and I was patient with myself and didn’t rush,” she reflects.  “I even gave myself an extra year to graduate to retake classes, to get a full understanding and more experience to better myself. That was one of the best decisions I made since being at CCAD.”

Jazzmin’s elegant collection will grace the 2013 Senior Fashion Show runway on May 10. Don’t miss out on this amazing annual event, there is still time to get tickets.

Jazzmin Evans is a native of Columbus, OH, and a graduate of Independence High School.


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The CCAD Fashion Show is an annual fundraising event that showcases the talent of graduating Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design Seniors. This popular event sells out every year and this blog is a portal through which to view the behind-the-scenes goings on.

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5 Responses to “Jazzmin Evans Brings Bold, Egyptian-Inspired Work to the Runway”

  1. La Tyce Duncan says:

    Jazzmin is my cousin…. I’m so proud of her accomplishments…… She will go far because she is determined…… I can’t wait to see the fashion show and also see her walk across the stage to receive her diploma…. For a job well done….. Great Job …..

  2. Sybil Wise says:

    I have known Jazzmin since birth. She has ALWAYS demonstrated a unique ability to quietly influence the style around her by making herself her first design client! I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to see what “design” God has for her life! ;-)

  3. Brenda Evans-Greer says:

    I knew from day#1 that Jazzmin was going to be different, she’s always demonstrated to me her own unique style. I’m so proud of her for the accomplishments she’s achieved thus far. As a single mother and going to school full-time she never allowed any obstacles to get in her way. I know with GOD on her side this is only the start of her new beginning. Love, Mom

  4. Randi Winfield-Peyton says:

    Jazzmin talents reaches beyond time and space, her accomplishment are seen in her fashion style and her eyes for what can tweaked to be up and coming. I am proud to be in her presence and the glow she has when see creates something new and unique. I CONGRATULATE you on your SUCCESS!!!

  5. Marlene Craig-Tucker says:

    Jazzmin does not remember me but I remember her as a toddler and pre teen. Hopefully she can personally design something for me in Atlanta in the near future. Much love, Marlene Craig-Tucker