Jennica Gray Lines Up a Harmonious Collection

April 19th, 2013 by Fashion Blogger
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Jennica Gray. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

Jennica Gray. Photo by Kristen M. Foley

By Kristen M. Foley

Jennica Gray was so excited about finally being able to design what she wanted without limitations that she came up with five different concepts during the summer break before her senior year. Luckily, she was able to put together a collection using the best aspects of all of those original concepts. She refers to her inspiration as “structural delicacy.”

“It’s based around the more organic shapes in nature and how they live harmoniously with more structural shapes,” said Jennica. “More specifically focusing on the organic curve of the leaf in opposition to the ridged, sharp line of a crystal formation.”

As elated as she was that she didn’t have a theme to guide her collection, Jennica soon found out that having too much freedom was even more of a challenge.

“Being able to make up our own theme was wonderful, but then I realized ‘wow, I can do anything’ and it’s hard to begin on an infinite amount of options,” she said. “I wanted to challenge myself, but still show my aesthetic and the end needed to be fabulous. That was a lot of pressure I put on myself way too soon.”

Two of Jennica's looks being photographed for the lookbook. Photo by Katlin McNally

Two of Jennica’s looks being photographed for the lookbook. Photo by Katlin McNally

Jennica began by researching and pulling inspiration for the collection from all aspects of her surroundings, both natural and structured. She then tried to take those two very different worlds and find a way to connect them harmoniously in her designs.

“It was then about morphing them together and taking aspects from each that I liked,” she notes. “Putting them together and making it work.”

Jennica is particularly proud of the line work in her collection. She wanted to create interesting lines throughout the pieces that would be viewed as fresh and innovative.

The result is four finished pieces for the show that have a unified look, even though she used nearly 10 different fabrics in her pieces—everything from leather to silk to lace. Jennica also challenged herself to work with a minimal color palette of neutrals, greys, and mint; which contributes to the cohesive feel of her collection.

“I’m extremely proud of the risks I took as these are some of the most complex pieces I’ve ever created,” said Jennica. “Knowing how much labor, heart’ and soul went into it and that the collection turned out better than I [expected] was personally gratifying.”

The 2013 Senior Fashion Show is almost here. Will you have a seat to see Jennica Gray’s unique designs? Only if you have a ticket. Hurry before they are gone.

Jennica Gray is a native of Columbus, OH, and a graduate of St. Francis DeSales High School.

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